Tarot: Your Guiding Force


As we all know that Tarot is a science which is based on karmas, where a reader can access and tap into your energy field and guide you through what happened in the past related to any issues which form your present and what lies ahead in the future. It can help you to figure out ‘What to do’ and ‘what not to do’ and make predictions using the psychic powers. There are top 5 situations where Tarot can become your best friend/guide (although its not just limited to these):

Situation 1. Relationships & Love


tarot relation

The human being is a social animal and cannot live alone. We all have some relations in our life, whether it is with our parents, siblings, spouse, kids, friends, colleagues etc. It has been rightly stated that where there are two utensils, they will clash and make noise, same applies with relations as well. Whether it is a relationship or a marriage, it is not entirely possible for people to have the same choices. At some point in a relationship we all face issues and there comes a situation where we either lose our temper, or we are not able to understand each other’s perspective or we just fail to understand as to who is right or wrong for us? A tarot reader can become your confidential and true best friend in such a situation. He/she always sees the situation from a third party’s perspective and shed’s insights from a divine spiritual perspective.

Situation 2. Career & Job

Job for some is a passion, for some a necessity to earn their living. Whatever the case may be but when you face issues in your job, or you get stuck while making the right decisions related to your career, whether you are an expert, entrepreneur,  fresher or just a student, nothing is better than consulting a Tarot Card Reader for getting accurate predictions, remedies, and guidance.

Situation 3. Health



No matter how happy you are with your job, relationships or any other aspect of your life, if your health suffers you won’t really feel happy despite all the materialistic comfort. How many of us are aware that most of our health issues are due to negative emotions accumulated inside us ?. When we do not pay heed to our negative emotions then they find a way to come out through our body. Tarot can act as a savior in such situations as it helps in measuring our energy fields in different areas and figuring out the actual emotional cause or other possible reasons for our issue(s) and guide us with magical remedies as well. Though it does not intervene with the medical treatment but it can actually help us with a speedy recovery.

Situation 4. Money /Finance

Money is a form of energy in today’s world. If you are facing money related issues or financial stagnancy in your life, business, career etc, tarot can help you find the root cause of your issue; whether it is external, planter, karmic or any other and at the same time it can help to provide you with magical solutions.

Situation 5. Decision Making, Stress Or Feeling Stuck

There are situations when you experience explained or unexplained stress, anxiety, depression or you are uncertain about your decisions and steps you want to take in life. One of your best friends can be Tarot in such a scenario which can help you to find magical healing solutions.


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– Contributed by Monica Agrawal, Celebrity International Tarot Card Reader & Ace Numerologist

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