The Hunk With A Smile

This one goes to all the discerning women of our planet and beyond (as we talk here of the multi-dimensional space)!

I am referring here to my favourite friend – one who understands my love for speed, yet, stands firm to break my fall if I stumble in my eagerness to finish first. He is 18 earth years in appearance, stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches, with a bright complexion and brown eyes. He is a little partial to colourful long tunics and ornate headbands. This is Archangel Nathaniel, the harbinger of speedy change. The above description is how I see or feel him around me!

What are Archangels!?

Well, they are beings of God’s love and light, and they choose to appear to one as he/she envisions them. Archangels come to you in a form you feel comfortable seeing them in.

Angels, according to Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism are spiritual beings known to have more divine power and intelligence than us humans. They serve either as intermediaries between heaven and earth or as guardian spirits. Interestingly though, they are all around us, but can help or intervene only when ‘asked’. This is so because they are bound by the laws of free will.


Archangel Nathaniel – The Harbinger of Change

The Hunk With A SmileAs mentioned earlier, Archangel Nathaniel is the harbinger of change. Sometimes it so happens that we are very eager to shift the energies of a particular area of our lives. At such a juncture, Nathaniel can be of great help. But it is imperative for us to introspect on our true desire before calling on him for help. He would come with his sweeping whirlwind energies and change things quickly for the best. Are we ready yet, for such forceful changes?!

Archangel Nathaniel is the best ally when you are confused about your life purpose or getting setbacks in spite of repeated sincere efforts. He is confidence personified, so whenever one feels lost in a hostile environment or crowd, simply request him to be on your side and he will happily help you to sail through.

What would you call someone who helps you –

  1. Believe in your dreams even if the world thinks otherwise?
  2. Helps you to connect with your personal power?
  3. Encourages to use your talents to help yourself and the others?
  4. Manifests your heart’s desire at great speed?
  5. Assists in letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore?

Well, for me he is my best friend, who teases me to smile the moment I get a tear in my eyes. He would be the same to you and much more.
So my friends, just center your energies, breathe deeply and pray for Archangel Nathaniel’s presence and make miracles a way of life!

Contributed by : Ms. Tara Nandini , professional channeled Remedies Expert

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