Unravelling The Theory of Eternalism

The Theory of Eternalism

This universe is beyond Humankind’s understanding. Billions of years have passed since the Universe formed and we still do not understand either time or our existence. The theory of eternalism is a philosophical explanation through which we will attempt to understand the puzzle of past, present and future.

The most intriguing part is that the past, present, and future are happening simultaneously. Everything for you, as of now, is arranged, and your fate has already been chosen, as indicated by a surprising hypothesis which guarantees that time does not pass, yet rather everything is ever-present. We have heard this so many times but don’t understand its precise meaning. The hypothesis by Dr Bradford Skow, an educator of Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), expresses that if we somehow managed to “look down” on the universe, we would see time and occasions spread out in every direction.

The ‘Now’ in the Theory of Eternalism

The moment in which we exist is called the Present. It is a gift to all living beings. Especially humans as they have a fully developed mind and can think using their free will. They can take decisions based on right and wrong. When we are faced with problems or have to make decisions, we are supposed to stabilise our minds and calmly make the right choices for ourselves and those around us. The theory of eternalism is a set of ideas which values everything existing in the universe.

Finding the Way Out of Chaos

Many people try to regress into the past to understand the reasons which may be causing problems in their life. They hope that some visions from their previous lives may help release negative karmic patterns which are impacting them. While this is a possibility of improvement, an unskilled counsellor may lead to an inflow of memories which are traumatising and unpleasant; thus, leading to further confusion in this life.

Others visit astrologers out of curiousity to know what their future will be like, and what remedies can be applied to solve their current problems. Many look for an easy way out. They ask priests to chant or pray for them. Also, they may believe that the talismans or tabizs will reduce their karmic suffering.

The wiser ones will understand the theory of the eternal ‘Now’. What is most important is to live in the Present or the ‘Now’. To ensure that in each moment of our existence, we must be aware of our clear thoughts, say encouraging words and do positive actions. This is the fastest way to relieve ourselves of negative karma. The good we do ‘Now’, will reduce the effect of the past and transform the future.

There is a reason behind the theory that the past, present and future are happening simultaneously. For example, if we remember to focus on the positive things rather than thinking about our problems while doing everyday mundane tasks, we would be living a proper ‘Now’. Chanting mantras or prayers while doing these everyday tasks is also a way of sending out good vibrations which will return to our lives as goodness around us.

A Note to the Reader

Living in gratitude and knowing that everything that happens to us is a way of teaching ourselves something which will push us towards a positive future. Dwelling only on the problems of life will energise and attract similar situations.What is most important is that we live the NOW. The present is a gift for us from the divine. It is up to us to learn to cherish every moment of our life. Let us all live in the awareness of the ETERNAL NOW.

About the Healer

Mrs Tehruna Chandra Meresh is a certified Pranic Healer, Life Coach and Meditation Guide. She has been a Pranic Healer for more than 20 years and gives all credit to her Guru, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Her areas of focus are Financial Growth, Personal Growth, Anger Management, Stress, and much more.

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  1. Its so right that we all human beings need to live for the moment we are going through.Most of us do know this fact but we need to practise in our daily lives

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