3 Ways to achieve weight loss with Pranic Healing®

Are you eating right and still not being able to lose weight? This might be possible because there are so many other factors other than eating that contribute to your weight gain. Our psychological being contributes equally to our physiological being. In simple words, your emotional well-being affects your physical wellbeing too. Negative emotions often determine how our bodies are behaving. That is why you have read that stress might lead to weight loss/gain, fever, hormonal changes and various other medical issues. This is where weight loss with Pranic healing can be your saviour!

weight loss with pranic healing

No doubt, a healthy lifestyle ensures a fitter you but many people turn towards Pranic Healing® for being fit, physically and emotionally. It is trusted that adopting weight loss with Pranic Healing is a more holistic approach towards health and fitness.

Weight loss with Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing® uses energy for healing and is a no-touch alternative therapy, i.e. healers don’t need to touch you physically to heal you. The word Pranic® literally means “Of Life” and the therapy is described as the “ancient science and art of healing using Prana or Ki energy.”

Pranic Healing® has its own protocols that need to be followed for psychological and physiological conditions.

How Pranic Healing® helps in Weight Loss?

Pranic® healers have been following 3 major methods that help in weight loss with Pranic healing:

  • Meditation
  • Counseling
  • Energy Healing

Pranic® meditation is a six to seven week of weight loss with pranic healing method, which will relax and distress you. These sessions also involve easy stretches as part of the procedure but not intensive exercises.

Sometimes the negative block of our thoughts affects our health. And it is quite common that stress is linked to the excessive weight gain. The weight loss with Pranic Healing protocol offers relief from such emotional distress whose positive effects are then seen on the physical being. This is why it increasingly attracts the attention of a lot of people.

Pranic Healing® thus proves to be an add-on in your fitness journey.

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