What is Face Reading?

What you think, what you are is all written on your face.

Face is the index of the mind.”

Much has been said and described about discovering a person’s personality traits through his face. Every facial feature has a story to tell, or reflects what the story is going to be like. The story of the person. Every facial feature has a psychological meaning. Things like personality traits, gifts, talents, fate, can be predicted through face reading. Face reading becomes much more than just learning a person’s characteristics. It can be used to understand a person’s past and predict his future. Even the current state of the person can be defined through Face Reading.

What is Face Reading?

Face reading is subjugated by personology and physiognomy. These together basically mean, reading the traits and characteristics of a person, and then creating a model of his personality based upon the structure of it. Personology says that the structure of something actually defines its function, whereas Physiognomy is the art of the assessment of a person’s appearance and form especially through the face. All this is basically methods which haven’t been proved, or have no existence of evidence and are constrained by scientific methods. It is pseudoscience.

A research that was based on statistics was made and the result was the identification of 68 personality traits that are connected to some facial features with a 90% accuracy. These facial traits include the shape of the face, forehead, cheeks, chin, lips, nose, eyes as well as the color of eyes.

Should one will searching for the personality traits, the shape of a face becomes a crucial aspect.


How is Face Reading done?

Face reading is done through the facial characteristics of the person. There are some preset observations which the clairvoyant uses to judge the person or predict the future. These are myths and beliefs yet are considered true on a vast scale around the world. Some of these observations are as follows:


Oval Face ShapeSuch people are considered to have a high IQ, intelligent in their roots. They like doing everything perfectly just as a perfectionist would. Being perfect does not come easy. Furthermore, criticize themselves a lot. Such people are found to have a weak physique. Yet, they are bold and firm with their acts and decisions. They are good in decision making and positions of justice. Such people are the obedient once and go by the rules in life.

Round Face Shape – Such people are the smart ones. They are very much diplomatic in nature and are able to find their way through. These are the ones who have business in their minds. They easily adapt to the hardest of situations. These are the less complaining ones. Such people are found to have reflective minds. They are optimistic, caring yet sensitive in nature. These people are the one with the visions runny through them. They are dreamy and intuitive.

Square Face Shape – These are the people with a perception for everything. They are the quiet ones. These are the methodical ones and do consider the practical approach. Considered to prefer safety and always look for the safer path. Believed to have the conservative thinking and are prudent. They are found to be reliable. Such people always look forward to seeking stability. These are mostly grounded and the humble ones.

Triangle Face Shape – Such people are found to be social and easily connectable. They are the ones making a lot of friends and connections. They are fun and hence sociable, keep no grudges and always need an audience to hear what they say. Moreover, are outspoken and extroverted. They are temperamental and mood swings is common. Hence they might have a fiery temper. Yet, they are entertaining and fun.


People with an average sized forehead are intelligent, organised and are found to be great teachers. They are intuitive. They are hard working and great at solving problems.

People with a high forehead are skilled and like to lean new things. The people who can keep secrets and digest information. These are prudent, methodical, like to plan in advance because they can sense danger and hate taking risks. They are good at math, physics and philosophy. However, they dislike being uncertain and seek security.

People with a low forehead would act first and think later, therefore, are always surrounded by problems. They learn the hard way but are spontaneous and independent in nature. Moreover, they listen to their heart over mind.


People with big eyes are found to be open minded with intellectual curiosity and have a vivid imagination. Thought they get easily distracted but are very creative. They are very very sensitive.

People with small eyes are organised, thorough and methodical. They focus on things they have interest. Such people have selective minds and are very narrow-minded.


People with a short nose are sensitive and defensive. They are introverts and its hard to know them well. They are not used to things being different and are often found to be lost in themselves.

People with a long nose are found to be bossy. They love travelling, sports and culture. Such people seek freedom and space. They are always dissatisfied with stuff and chase unattainable ideal yet never try anything new.

People with a “Roman” nose either they love something or they hate things with They have great passion and are charismatic, enthusiastic, judgemental as well as principled.


People with thin lips love to hear beautiful words. They enjoy presentations an want things to be done properly.

People with full lips are found to be confident. They look for pleasure in everything. They love trying new things and like to give, receive and share experiences.


People with small chins enjoy the pleasures in life, are sophisticated but are demanding and intolerant. They always seek quality over quantity. Such people seek intimate and harmonious relationships. They like traditions

People with prominent chins can be very impatient and like to be the ones in charge in a relationship as well as work. They are judgemental, strong and often fight for what they believe in.

Interesting Facts

One of the interesting facts about Face Reading is that initially people used this method for treatment of diseases. Face reading came to the scene very long ago. People in China used face reading as a method of diagnosis of diseases. Later it was discovered that a person’s external features can define his character as well as his inner nature.

So these were some ways if a person looks to read another. Though we can never know a person completely, yet its fun, sometimes better, sometimes useful, just to know him well. This looks bewildering yet interesting. This is even used by people for motivational purposes. For more such interesting and motivational methods, visit us here and join us in spreading well being for all.

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