Wine Reading : What does your glass of wine say?

Wine is a popular drink enjoyed by people from across the world. But did you know the kind of wine you drink can also reveal your personality traits?

Not only the personality traits, your glass of wine can also speak a lot about your emotional well-being, career satisfaction, and the future goals. Strange but true.

Read on to know more about this ancient practice which is still popular in many parts of the world.

What is Wine Reading?

Wine Reading

Wine reading is done by the studying the physical features such as color, taste, smell, stains and sediments. The sediments could be those that are settled at the bottom of the wine glass or the patterns left by the spilled wine. The seeker is asked to drink the wine. The residue is spilled over a cloth or paper and the patterns formed by the wine are studied by the diviner. Alternatively, the diviner boils the paper or cloth. It is believed that the patterns develop after boiling. Then, the diviner studies these patterns and reads them as omens.

Did you know that Wine reading can also predict your future? Though it sounds a little strange, yet this unique method has survived through centuries. Yes, your future can really be predicted through the way one drinks a glass of wine, how it tastes after it has been tasted, how it smells after it has been tasted, and even the leftover stains.

How did Wine Reading originate?

The origins of wine reading can be traced back to ancient Rome.  It is believed that people would offer wine to God in the hope that He would bless them with a prosperous future. In ancient Greece, wine was associated with Dionysus, the god of merry-making and the one who inspired for the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. The Roman counterpart of Dionysus was Bacchus. He is considered to be the Roman god of Wine and divine frenzy. He was supposed to act as a divine communicant between the living and the dead. And hence, the inception of association of wine with gods and divinity occurred.


Wine Reading does not require any elaborate techniques or methods, like other traditional practices. But it is indeed an unsophisticated method which doesn’t require performing any eerie rituals. Unlike most other methods of clairvoyance, wine reading does not even require the person to be present for reading him. It just requires a glass of wine tasted by him.

Though Wine Reading is not so popular in India yet, few traces can be found in the history. Some practitioners have been following it as a family tradition.

All in all, Wine reading is a unique and interesting method that can be used to guess someone’s personality or know about his future. To know about more such methods, visit us here.


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