Why You Might Be Feeling Moody These Days

Are you feeling moody these days? Do you get frequent mood swings? Tension, anxiety, restlessness taking you over? Is your mind full of confusion?

Well here’s some good news; Here’s a highly probable reason for this condition – A New moon can be the reason of your mood swings!

This feeling of ‘moodiness’ happens during New moon day and Amavasya. Many people do get affected by it, and those that do, normally have a week moon in their kundali, horoscope, in their chart or palm.

Palm Reading
In astrology or palmistry terms, the planet moon is ‘karak’ for Mind.
If the planet moon is strong in your Hand or Kundli or Horoscope, it can give you a refined temperament, make you graceful, youthful, kind, dignified, and Loyal. You would also be fond of traveling, romance, and will tend to be an idealist. You can be good writer or musician too.
If, however, the moon is week in your horoscope, then you might be unlucky, disreputable, unreliable, shifty, emotionally unstable, anxious, moody or depressive. But the degree of planet and negative signs on the palm (on the mount of Moon) are checked before a final conclusion is made by a Palmist or an Astrologist.

Now if it’s been concluded that one’s Moon is, in fact, a little weak, the following remedies can surely help

  • Do pooja to Goddess Bhagwati
  • Keep a brass Shivling in a temple
  • Donate white clothes to young girls

Feel free to share how you felt after applying these remedies! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Contributed by : Mrs. Nisha Ghai, a renowned Palmist and Astrologist

Nisha Ghai, Palmist




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