Yes, you cannot see it, but we all have an energy body!

energy body

Everything around us is constantly emitting energy, be it plants, animals or human body; they all emit energy in some way or the other. The source of this energy being the bioplasmic or the energy body interpenetrating the visible physical body and extending beyond it by four to five inches. This consists of consists of five layers; the first layer is our physical body and other layers constituting our aura, namely:

1. The Physical Energy Body: The first layer defines our physical being. It is interesting to note here that the physical body is also an energy form just like the other layers of the body which cannot be seen or felt in the physical sense.

2. The Etheric Energy Body: The second etheric layer of the energy body is located at approximately 1 inch from the physical body. This layer is believed to be grey or grey-blue in color and much like a spider web it is considered to be sticky or stretchy. Furthermore, this energy body is also referred as the blueprint of physical body.

3. The Emotional Energy Body: Centrally located among the five layers, Emotional energy body constitutes the third layer of our energy body. This energy body is associated with our feelings or emotions, ranging from extremely high to low.

4. The Mental Energy Body: The fourth layer of our body encompasses our entire belief system. Hence, this is where our thoughts or ideas are assimilated and sorted out. In reality, this layer houses all our perceptions based on our experiences.

5. The Spiritual Energy Body: This is the final layer of our body which gives us a sense of our “higher awareness” or consciousness.

Given the specialized nature of our body’s energy, there are several different channels located on key points of the body through which energy can flow in and out in a constant stream. These are called the chakras.

Even science talks about the presence of such energy in the form of waves in our bodies. The concept of matter waves in Physics conveys that every form of matter can have a certain form of a wave. Also, it is believed that these waves interact with the environment of the body. Moreover, many people believe that these waves influence the prospects of our well-being by affecting the health of a person. It is believed that this could help cure diseases and can also provide the peace of mind. Therefore, people have been developing various healing methods based on the manipulation of these waves. Know more about such astonishing methods here.

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